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Surviving Transition | Rest & Regroup

One day last month, I was talking to the Lord about the remainder of 2022 and He told me that I need to REST and REGROUP. Although these two words are familiar, I researched them to give me a better understanding of what the Lord was specifically instructing me to do.

One definition for the word “rest” is to recover strength. One definition for “regroup” is to reorganize. So what I believe God was saying to me is that I need to take time to get my strength back and I need to pivot. I don’t know exactly what the pivot is supposed to be but I sense that a pivot needs to happen or is about to happen.

When it comes to fulfilling our purpose and just living life altogether, we can get so consumed by it all that we forget how crucial it is to take time away from work and the constant movement. Resting and regrouping are necessary to your walk with the Lord because they help you remain grounded in what He wants you to do. Yes, you may have your daily devotion and that is definitely important but, there are times when you need to spend extended time with God and allow Him to refill you and give you clear direction for moving forward.

When God is shifting you, the way that you survive the pressure of transition is by staying in the face of the Lord. That is where you get the strength that you need. Scripture tells us Psalm 119:105 that “Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.” Spending time with God is what deepens the relationship and teaches you to hear His voice clearly.

What is God instructing you to do as 2022 closes out? Do you need a clear vision and direction?

Sis, it might be time for you to rest and regroup. It might be time for you to spend extended time in the secret place. The work, to-do lists, goals, dreams….all of that isn’t going anywhere. So obey the voice of the Lord, take the rest that He is giving you, and flow with the shift that He is preparing you for.

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