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Single & Saved | Finding Joy In Your Single Season

Let me start this blog off by reminding you that being single is NOT a curse! When thinking about being single, many people focus on what, or who, they don’t have instead of focusing on what, or who, they do have. This is what steals your joy in being single but many people don’t remember or talk about the fact that there are advantages to being single!

Marriage is not, and should never be viewed, as a final destination or as an end goal. I’ve only been married a few weeks now and I love it but I can honestly say that the transition from being single to being married is very real and being a wife is a level that requires more out of you. More importantly, being married is not meant to be what defines you. You have to be able to define yourself outside of being a wife and being able to do that is where you find and maintain joy.

We are in a season right now that many call cuffing season. Everyone is either getting into a relationship, getting engaged, or getting married. Now on the outside it may appear as if you are the one left behind and the enemy may be trying to get you to adopt that false narrative but I want to challenge and encourage you to change your perspective.

Stop looking and start living

Marriage is beautiful but there is so much more to life than being married! With or without a husband, you have a God-given calling to fulfill and the Lord wants you to enjoy each day that He gives you to see. So I encourage you to seek the Lord even more in this season. If you’re not clear about your purpose, seek God about it. If you need Him to give you peace, ask Him for it! Rest in the joy of the Lord and trust that He has right where you need to be.

Shift your perspective

Your single season is an opportunity to have a greater level of focus on your relationship with God and your purpose. Sis, you are BLESSED to be in this season of life! Take this opportunity to seek the Lord on a deeper level, pursue Him above all else and ask Him to align your heart with His will.

Pursue wholeness in God

Wholeness is a state of being, not a grand destination. It’s not about perfection, it’s about purpose. We were all created with the same purpose which is to bring glory to God but how we do that, our calling, or assignment, differs from person to person. Wholeness ties into this because wholeness is about perspective. When you have the right perspective of who you are as a daughter of God and why you exist, you understand that you are one of a kind as God’s creation and you can walk confidently as you fulfill your calling. So with that being said, your single season is the perfect time to really pursue wholeness and allow the Lord to heal your heart and set you free from anything holding you back.

You can be single, saved, and live in the joy of the Lord!

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