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How to Thrive as a Christian Woman

“Becoming That Girl” has been a popular phrase on social media and everyone has their own definition of what that means. When I think of what that phrase means, I think about wholeness. Everyday we are bombarded with opinions of who we should be as women. Majority of the magazines that you see on the shelf probably have tips on one thing or another from dating to fashion but I want you to look at “becoming that girl” from a different side.

You have a God-given identity that is unique and one of a kind. You are the daughter of a King! So when God looks at you, there is NOTHING about you that He desires to change. You might look in the mirror and have a list of things that you want to change about who you are and how you look but you are loved by God EXACTLY the way that you are. So when you think about “becoming that girl”, view it from the lens of becoming the best of who God created you to be. This is what thriving is all about!

The word thrive means to bloom, flourish, grow, progress, expand. etc. Simply put, when you’re thriving, you’re developing into better. As daughters of God, He wants you to use each day as an opportunity to develop and mature. It’s not about getting it right all of the time but it’s more so about being determined to keep moving forward. Here are a few tips to help you THRIVE:

Time with God: Set aside time with God each day. I like to start my mornings with the Lord but whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night, this is a major key to thriving as a Christian woman.

Have goals AND a plan: There’s a quote that says “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It’s great to have goals, but if you do not have an action plan on how you will achieve them, more than likely you will find yourself not accomplishing anything.

Rely on Holy Spirit and not your emotions: This is a big one! Jeremiah 17:9 says “The heart is deceitful above all things and it is extremely sick; Who can understand it fully and know its secret motives” (AMP). Because your heart is the seat of your emotions, your heart can lead you in the wrong direction as your emotions waiver. Holy Spirit will never lead you astray because He already knows your beginning from your end and He desires for you to reach your destiny.

Invest in yourself: This is where I believe some women fall off, including myself. It’s easy for you to pour into others but are you pouring into yourself and if so, WHAT are you pouring into yourself? It’s crucial that you are investing in your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health throughout the day.

Vow to never go back! A vow is simply a formal promise. When I made the decision over 7 years ago that I was going to fight for my life and my future, I was determined to never going back to being in bondage to depression, thoughts of suicide, low self-esteem and low self-worth. Let me tell you, the journey has not been easy but it was never designed to be that way. This is why you need the Lord to walk with you on the journey. You have to make up your mind that your past is behind you and as long as you have breath in your body, all of the gifts and talents that God put in you will be used for His glory.

Enjoy every moment that God gives you! Listen sis, I am writing this blog in a time where the world has experienced so much death in the last couple of years and it has put me in a place where I view life a little differently. I am very much detail oriented and I enjoy routine however I’ve realized that each day is another opportunity. It’s an opportunity for you to experience life and enjoy it. Things may not be going the way that you think they should be going but I challenge you to start walking through each day with a different perspective. Start speaking life into yourself and into every aspect of your life. Start being spontaneous and taking walks in the middle of the day. Start doing one thing each day towards achieving your goals. Start taking trips. Whatever you decide to do, make the most of every moment!

It’s your time to THRIVE sis!!

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