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Getting Over Your Ex

Sis, let me start this off by saying that I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak when it comes to relationships. Truthfully, I’ve probably been in more “situationships” than actual relationships and those definitely come with heartbreak as well. But one of the things that I am so grateful for is God’s protection over me in my mistakes and the growth that I’ve experienced as a woman.

Here are a few tips for you to get over your ex and grow as a daughter of God:

Allow yourself to go through the hurt

We all know that breakups are not fun however it’s important that you understand the importance of confronting your thoughts and emotions regarding the situation. It’s easy to make the mistake of jumping into the next thing without closing the door to what you just came out of. When you do that, you set yourself up for failure and possibly more hurt. You have to allow God to process your pain and not rush it. I understand your desire to want to press fast forward so that you can move on but remember, what you keep hidden doesn’t get healed. Allow God to expose what’s in your heart, deal with it, and then you can be free as you move forward.

Learn and invest in yourself

Your time of singleness is a major advantage! Use this time to learn and invest in the woman that God has created you to be! Be intentional about reflecting on where you are and where you desire to be in the future. How do you define yourself? Are you living or are you thriving as a woman? When it comes to investing in yourself, focus on what will benefit you as you move forward. What can you be doing to grow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually? What are your goals and what is your plan for achieving them? This is also the perfect time to devote as much time as you can to spending intimate time with the Lord. Don’t allow a breakup to consume your heart and mind! Start learning and investing in YOU!!

Do more of what brings you joy!

Learn something new. Go on vacation. Read a new book. Do more of what brings YOU joy! When I was single, one thing that was important to me was learning how to spend time by myself. I remember one birthday that I planned and I intentionally spent it alone. I did that because I needed to see where I was mentally and emotionally and if I could enjoy my day alone and I DID! It was different but it was necessary. You don’t have to wait until you’re in a relationship to do anything. Have fun and enjoy life!

Ask God to help you heal and move forward

Depending on the circumstances around the breakup, you may find it almost unbearable at times to handle but you are not alone! Invite God in. Your Heavenly Father is not going to try and make you feel guilty or ashamed. He wants to pour His love out on you and help you heal. He wants to hear how you feel and give you peace. He wants YOU so don’t hold back.

Tell your story!

I am amazed at how God has used parts of my life to bless women. I remember times in my life when I was so depressed and suicidal and I would ask God to take my life. When I reflect on those times and where I am now, I know why God chose this assignment for me. He chose me to speak and you are chosen to do the same. Yes, you’ve been hurt but God can use that for HIS GLORY! Think about who might come to Christ after they hear your story! You may not feel worthy of it or called to do it but I want you to know that there is power in your voice. You have a testimony!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

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