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Experiencing Freedom in God

Our ability to live on purpose and walk in freedom starts with our genuine belief that the Lord holds our past, present, and future in His hands. In order for you to get to the other side, to the place of freedom, you have to be willing to relinquish your control. As you dig through your most painful life experiences, you have to allow God to lead you step by step so that you can reach the place where He desires for you to be. When God is trying to get us to the place of freedom, He takes us through a process where we have to dig through the pieces of our past and present so that we can finally see the beauty in what He wants for us.

You may not know my story but in 2014, I was at the lowest point that I had ever been in my life. The marriage that I was in was headed for a divorce, I had to move in with a family member and I didn’t have a real job. I was confused. I was depressed. I was hurting. I was tired of fighting. That’s when God spoke to me and I made the decision that things had to change and I was determined to start walking forward into what the Lord had for me. This was the beginning of my wholeness journey. Fast forward to now, over seven years later, I’ve made it to the place of freedom. This does not mean that I am perfect or that everything has been flowing perfectly in my life! The Lord has had to do major surgery on my heart and mind to get me to this point. I’ve had to dig through some hard things to find the root and the truth is that there are still things that I am digging through but I am sure of who I am in God, I am walking in my assignment and I am determined each day to not go back.

Since you are reading this blog, I believe that you are ready to start digging! Getting to the other side is going to require action but I believe in you and most importantly, God is guiding you. Freedom is on the other side of where you are so let’s start digging!

Changing your perspective: When you’re doing the work to get to a place of freedom, you have to move away from what I like to call the victim mentality. Before I started my wholeness journey, I had a victim mentality. A victim mentality simply means that the unresolved hurt is the controller of how you view yourself, life, and relationships. One of the biggest problems with holding onto unresolved hurt is that as long as you keep feeding it, it continues to grow. I would use opportunities to talk about what was done to me and who did it instead of being focused on forgiveness and letting go. The victim mentality will keep you stuck and blind you to the potential of what your life could be moving forward. Ask God to help you change your perspective and turn away from the victim mentality.

Making the decision to let go: Just like when the ground is tilled, the Lord desires to go deep into your soul and deal with whatever may hinder the manifestation of what is to come. Before something new can spring up, you have to decide to put in the work to deal with and let go of what’s old. As you are letting go of what’s old to make room for a new mindset and a changed heart, the work may seem unbearable at times. You will probably want to give up because it’s unfamiliar to you but don’t quit! There is a fighter in you and it’s going to take the strength that God gave you to keep digging no matter what!

Give the Lord your "yes" every day: When it comes to wholeness, you have to remember that it is not a grand destination. It’s a journey which means that there will be highs and lows. There will be times when you don’t feel good enough. There will be times when you question the Lord’s promises and if you will ever see the manifestation of those promises. There will be times when you are unsure. All of this may happen but you have to have a made-up mind that you are NOT going back! You have to have a made-up mind that every day that the Lord allows you to see, you are going to give your best by following God and becoming the woman that He has created you to be. In the midst of everything, this journey with God is beautiful. It can be challenging but He is walking with you and He will never leave you.

Keep digging sis and allow the Lord to heal and make you whole so that you can walk in freedom!

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