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Come BOLDLY to the throne!

I’ve heard people talk about coming boldly to the throne but I’ve always thought that we are supposed to be humble. The truth is that we are supposed to be humble but my problem is that I looked at humility and timidity as the same thing. But humility does not equal timidity. We should never come before the Lord’s throne thinking of ourselves higher than we should but we should come to the throne with what I like to call… bold humility.

The word “boldly” means “in a confident and courageous way”. We should always come before the Lord in a posture of reverence to Him but the boldness comes in with not being afraid to bring up God’s promises before Him. Not in a way to try and manipulate Him or be boastful, but in a way that shows that we have 100% faith and hope in Him to bring to pass what He has already promised to us.

Therefore let us [with privilege] approach the throne of grace [that is, the throne of God’s gracious favor] with confidence and without fear, so that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find [His amazing] grace to help in time of need [an appropriate blessing, coming just at the right moment]. - Hebrews 4:16

We should have bold assurance in the Lord when we pray. Coming timid is a reflection of where our faith really is in Him. If we are unsure when we come to Him, how can we expect Him to bless us? Scripture tells us that there is no fear in God (James 1:6-8).

Being timid says that your faith is weak and you are unsure of whether or not God is going to come through and you cannot be double-minded. You have to know AND believe that, without a shadow of a doubt, God is always going to do what is best for you. Remember, He is your Father and like any good father, He wants you to experience nothing less than the best.

So have enough trust in the Lord to come humbly, yet confidently to Him, and believe that when you make your requests known, your Daddy is listening and His Word never fails.

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