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5 Tips for Online Dating as a Christian Woman

Online dating….I know the thought of it is daunting for some women and trust me, I get it. Let me first say this – online dating is NOT for everyone! It is simply an avenue for meeting someone. As a Christian woman, it’s important for you to approach online dating in the right way. Whether or not you meet someone through an online dating platform, having the right tools going into it will serve you well and keep you from wasting time.

Here are a few tips for you:

Ask God about it FIRST!

Is God okay with you online dating? Sis, the last thing you want to do is be outside of the will of the Lord. Because God orchestrated each day of your life before the world even began, He is the best person to ask if online dating, and dating in general, is a route that you should take right now. There may be something that God needs to do in you before you enter the dating world.

Seek His wisdom, wait for His response and trust His guidance.

Be led by Holy Spirit and not your emotions

Of course, as a human being, you have emotions however when it comes to dating, it is not the time to rely on how you feel. You have to operate in the online dating world by faith and not feelings. When I was single, one of my prayers used to be “Lord, close the door quickly to whoever is not for me”. I just didn’t want to waste my time! Ask Holy Spirit to guide you as you meet potential guys and to guard you against any man that is not for you.

Know who you are and what you desire

This is all about dating with purpose but you first have to be confident in your God-given identity. When you are confident in who you are in Christ, you won’t settle for just any man that approaches you. When you’re dating with purpose, you know that marriage is what you desire. When you are sure about that, you can weed out anyone who is not on the same page.

Check your heart

Why do you desire to try online dating? Is it out of desperation? Are you tired of waiting? I know it may seem like all of the good, genuine Christian men are taken but sis let me remind you that what’s for you is for you! It’s important for you to really check your heart and be honest about why you’re trying online dating.

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket

There are ways outside of dating apps and social media to meet someone. I know it seems like a thing of the past to be approached by a guy in person but it still happens! I met my future amazing husband online but before meeting him, at one point I thought that online dating was my only option. It is not your only option sis! But you have to do a little bit of work. Go to meet-up groups. Try working from a coffee shop a few times a month. Join a bible study group. Go to skate nights or poetry readings. There are amazing men of God out there so try something new!

Sis, God has His best for you!

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